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CPR Group
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TagMe+ App provides anyone at or around events and happenings to take pictures and share them online. You can share the pictures with your friends on facebook, and anyone else attending the events. In addition, TagMe+ shows pictures uploaded by anyone else in the event, so you can watch a live experience of the event as it happens, and tag interesting people in the photos. TagMe+ Is a new and innovative idea designed to allow sharing of photos in various events. We all love to watch photos and save magical moments, and now we can watch and share the photos in real time with everyone who is around us. TagMe+ is running a limited beta, supporting a limited set of events. It will soon be fully opened to everyone. The app is written in Objective C for iPhone, with a server side component and database written in Perl using the Dancer web application framework. The data is stored in a MySql database on the server. I developed both the iPhone client and the server side.
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